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Wildlife Wednesday: Stink Bird, a Strange Bird in the Amazon

These unique looking birds were found in the swamp area we visited Amazon (Ecuador). It’s known as Hoatzin bird or Canje pheasant. However, they are also being called as Stinkbird because of the bird’s foul odor, which is caused by the fermentation of food in its digestive system (source). I did not smell anything weird when seeing them, but we watched them from long distance.

Hoatzin bird

They live in swamps and mangrove area in the Amazon and basins in South America. Exactly how we saw them. As a matter of fact, the bird is the national bird of Guyana. The bird is seen as a living evidence of the transition between reptiles and birds – the wing claws of young hoatzins are frequently cited as proof of ancient ancestry (source). What a special bird, aren’t they? 🙂

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