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North Seymour Island, A Charming Seabird Colony in Galapagos

Located next to Baltra Island (Galapagos, Ecuador), the uninhabited island North Seymour is named after a British Navy Admiral, Lord Hugh Seymour. The island is known for having a large number of populations of magnificent frigatebirds and growing population of the Galapagos land iguanas. A must visit Island when you are in Galapagos.

Magnificent frigatebird, North Seymour Island

The land iguana on the Island is actually not a native to the Island. They were moved by a scientists group from Baltra Island to the North Seymour Island to save the species after their declining population.
North Seymour

Land Iguana, North Seymour Island

We walked through the trails on the North Seymour Island, passing several many nesting and breeding pairs of frigate birds. The babies and young frigatebirds looked so adorable. The Island’s landscape, to be honest, is rather depressing but charming at the same time. It has a dry landing, dusty with bushy colorful vegetation. It was really hot when we walked around the island. I was impressed how the birds and animals on the island have survived all these times with such dry climate. I could not see any source for fresh waters, and that made me feel uneasy to think how these animals live without fresh water but surrounded by the sea.
By the end of the trail, we saw a strip of rocky beach with the sea lions and pelicans. Looks like they did not mind us at all. We were asked by the guide for not leaving the trail track though, so we observe them from the distance.
Visiting the island will give you an idea the uninhabited island in Galapagos looked like. As in North Seymour, we also found the skeletons of the dead animals. Life and death, a series of moments of the islands’ residents, can be seen on the island easily.
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