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Pictures from Page (AZ) that Make Me Smile

We just returned from our second road trip in the United States. We stayed for a couple days at Page, a small city in Arizona, for one reason: visiting my dream destination for tens of years that located just a couple minutes from the town. It’s Antelope Canyon. Finally, I visited Antelope Canyon! Of course, I keep on smiling whenever seeing the pictures that I took inside the canyon. Detailed of the story will come later but for now, let me show few pictures from our recent trip that made me smile happily.



Our guides from Navajo tribe inside the Antelope Canyon. They know their canyons inside out.


Kurt, our Navajo guide, led us through the Rattlesnake Canyon as well. It’s smaller than the Antelope but surprisingly as unique as the Antelope Canyon. From the top of the hill, it is just like a crack on the land. Who can guess there is an amazing formation below?



Lastly, another amazing place in Page that is impressive to see … the Horseshoe Bend! Stunning landscape, part of Colorado River, one of the principal rivers in the United States.

Horseshoe Bend (Arizona)


Page, Arizona, you are amazing. Thank you for making me smile!




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