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A Face in the Crowd

Do they go unnoticed?

Jakarta (Indonesia)


Jakarta (Indonesia) is my hometown. It is a city with 10.4 million people and 3.7 percent of them are living in poverty. Its nickname, the Big Durian, originated from a stinky fruit, a favorite fruit to many Jakartans. Some who haven’t tried durians might have hated it to the bone by dint of its stinky smell, but for those who have tried the fruit might have loved it and even get addicted to the fruit. In my analogy, Jakarta is truly a durian, its thorny outer skins are not easy to break to get into its delicious flesh.

It’s a hard life surviving the city.

Jakarta (Indonesia)

indahs_monochrome in instagram


  1. I don’t think it matters where you live, there is always that tendency of the “haves” (people with means) to ignore of the presence of the “have nots” and their daily challenges to survive. Your photos draw attention to their existence and remind us who are fortunate to take notice.

    • You are right and it is a great point that sometimes we tend to ignore those who have worked so hard and contributed to the society just because of their economic status. Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts 🙂

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