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Wynwood Miami Art District in Pictures

The Wynwood Art District in Miami (Florida, USA) is perhaps the most colorful neighborhood I have ever visited. The walls of the buildings in the neighborhoods were painted in colorful street arts. It feels like the whole neighborhood is an open-air street art installation. I felt a little bit lost in the moment when exploring the neighborhood. I wished they have sort of specific artistic theme or painting style on each “block/square”, or maybe they do but I just missed it.

Nevertheless, the district is very unique and catchy for photography. Historically, it started in the year 2003 by a group of artists that was initiated by Mark Coetzee. Then in 2009, Tony Goldman built the Wynwood Walls where the artists from around the world can participate in exhibiting their street arts/murals work. It’s an open-air park with numerous murals and walls with street arts from artists around the world. It’s a great idea to introduce the district to the world. Following are some images of street arts that exhibited in the Wynwood Walls during my visit.


The district is also home to numerous restaurants, bars, shops, art galleries and that famous Lock & Load Miami. OK, it’s okay if you don’t know the Lock & Load Miami, – Lock and Load Miami is a shooting range for automatic machine guns, where you can rent the guns and try them out. I did not visit the range but I knew it after reading a funny book by Dave Barry – Best. State. Ever.: A Florida Man Defends His Homeland. Anyway, these businesses have their buildings painted by the artists and they are so vibrant!


Above of all, don’t forget to see what you step into….the artists also make sure the pedestrians pathways to be as fun as the walls and buildings in the district. Afterall, that’s what the district is for – as a place to express your thoughts and artistic skills. Hope you enjoy the images here too 🙂


    • Iya, kebetulan lokasi ini deket Miami Beach. Gak tropis sih, mungkin lbh ke sub-tropis ya? Soalnya pas ke sana, kayak winter-nya Florida dan sekitar 17 derajat Celcius pas malam hari, jadi ya lumejen dingin juga 😀 Soal buadayanya, lebih campuran ke Latin Amerika dan Karibia, banyak pendatang dari Cuba, Venezuela, Brazil..kalau saya lihat justru Cuba yang mendominasi di Florida ketimbang Meksiko.

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