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Foureye Butterflyfish

Marine Life medium

27th edition of Marine Life monthly post. Marine Life post published every 19th of the month. It aims to share information on marine life species and to promote their conservation. All images and video in this post are taken by Indah Susanti unless stated otherwise.

My apology for being late in publishing the Marine Life monthly post. It’s been hectic days, and I had problems with internet connection at home for couple days. I just realized I can tolerate vacation days without the internet (in fact, I enjoyed those days without the internet), but looks like I could not appreciate the regular weekdays without the internet at home.

Now returning to the main topic, I have been posting about Fun Fish Facts through Instagram. It is a shorter version of the monthly post. One of the postings was about Foureye Butterflyfishes. This fish is just one species of many varieties of Butterflyfish. It is a common fish to be found in the Western Atlantic to the West Indies and northern South America. So far their conservation status is at least concern, and I have been seeing them frequently during the scuba dives.

Foureye butterflyfish in Digital Painting

One of its characteristics is the fish mate for life. They will often be seen in pairs, but somehow I did not manage to capture their images as a couple. According to some journals about fish characteristics, not many fish species are mates for life.  Meanwhile, the spots on its tail that look like eyes are meant to confuse predators about the fish’s direction of fleeing. The spots to confuse predators are common in Butterflyfish species, although the spot of the Foureye Butterflyfish is quite larger compared to the other Butterflyfishes.

About the above images: on the left is Foureye butterflyfish in Carribean Sea, while the right picture is Butterflyfish in Indo-Pacific region but I am not so sure its species name. Please do not hesitate to contact me or leave it as the comment if you know its species name 🙂

Have a great day!


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