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Amsterdam Light Festival – Images and Video

Amsterdam Light Festival (ALF) has been going on as an annual event. It is a winter activity, and it is best to see at night as the day goes shorter. The light exhibition started at the beginning of the December, especially for the canal route. The complete exhibitions would be available starting on the 15th December until January.

Each exhibition was designed by an artist, and some of them are located in the water around the canal. There is a canal boat tour at night especially to enjoy the light art exhibition at the canal. If you don’t fancy a boat tour, you can view them from the pedestrian pathways along aside the canals. It is a long walk around the canal, though, and be brave for the cold winter temperature if you were from tropical country 😉

I did a stroll along the Herengracht canal and Hermitage Amsterdam museum to find the light art exhibition. Google Map even provides information of the location from each light art exhibition. It was fun, and I did not feel the cold too much. The winter in Amsterdam was still mild in early December, around 8 degrees Celcius (46 degrees Fahrenheit).

My favorite light art is called The Nest, created by Vikas Patil and Santosh Gunjar from India. They were inspired by the Bowerbirds of Australia and the Papua New Guinea that build their nests quite huge that often assumed as the nest for the kangaroos.

If you spend more time in front of the light display, you will find the light keeps changing its colors multiple times. I made a special video about it.


And of course, the view of Amsterdam’s canal at night is mesmerizing. Don’t forget to enjoy it and take its pictures while exploring the light festival!


I amsterdam city card

During my exploration the Light Festival in Amsterdam, I also travel with I Amsterdam city card. The card allows me to use buses, trams, and subway in Amsterdam for free.

It helps a lot in minimizing my travel cost, and I don’t have to worry about how much credit left on my card. Do check this card whenever you are about to visit Amsterdam. Truly recommended!

More information of:

Amsterdam Light Festival – Official Website

I Amsterdam City Card – Official Website


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