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Colorful Murals in Tulum

One thing that strikes me when visiting Tulum (Mexico) was there were so many colorful murals on their town streets. The themes of the paintings are varied from ocean-related to the spiritual message. Following is images of the murals that we saw during our stay in Tulum. We did not even make an effort to look for them; the murals are just everywhere!

How Tulum loves the Ocean Life








Beautiful Human


These murals are located in this area of Tulum within the blue circle.





  1. Bonjour Indah, toutes ces couleurs sont magnifiques et cela apporte de la gaîté. C’est beau de voir tous ces motifs 🙂

  2. Such beautiful works of art! Sooooooo colorful! I just wish Mexico would be safer for a visit. So that they can be seen………..

    • I hope so too, there are many places in Mexico that I am sure, is interesting to see. Tulum is quite safe, though, although we found that it was unusual to see military around the city..

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