Colorful Murals in Tulum

One thing that strikes me when visiting Tulum (Mexico) was there were so many colorful murals on their town streets. The themes of the paintings are varied from ocean-related to the spiritual message. Following is images of the murals that we saw during our stay in Tulum. We did not even make an effort to look for them; the murals are just everywhere!

How Tulum loves the Ocean Life








Beautiful Human


These murals are located in this area of Tulum within the blue circle.



Additional information, I created a new sitemap in this blog about Murals Around the World, and it’s open for Guest Post. Did you take images on the murals when traveling? If you are interested in getting them to be featured on this blog, please contact me. In return, your name and introduction blog will be mentioned, as well as in my social media.

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  1. Lucu2 dan cakep gambar2 mereka ini
    Kalo deket rumah gw juga banyak mural yg di lukis di dinding jalan tapi rata2 bukan lukisan tapi nama2 genk atau apalah itu cuman keren warna warni manja