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Ambon Bay, the Ultimate Dive in Maluku


“Rhinopias!” shouted by us at the same time when our dive guide asked what we wanted to see most in Ambon Bay (Maluku, Indonesia). We, scuba divers, are perhaps ridiculous travelers, traveling far to the Eastern part of Indonesia to see this species. Of course, there is always the possibility to see unique marine species in a commercial aquarium at the zoo in our home countries. However, the feeling to see them in their natural habitat is priceless. You will feel the adrenaline rush through your blood, the excitement to finally see the rare species, face to face. Here they are; the wildlife from the ocean!

I loved diving in Ambon Bay. The location offers plenty exciting dive sites, and most of them have unique species that you might think they came from the other universe. I have difficulties to pick which dive site is the best, as they are equally fantastic. Most of the dive sites offer muck diving, but we also visited dive sites for wreck diving (Batu Lubang Dive Site) and walls diving.

According to Maluku Divers Resort, there are three marine “celebrities” species in scuba divers’ world that residing in Ambon Bay.  These celebrities are Rhinopias, Nudibranch, and Frogfish. We saw them; I was super happy that finally I met the Rhinopias. There are at least four different species (from total seven species) found in Ambon Bay. We spotted Hairy frogfish, just like its nickname, this frogfish has lots of hairs! Well, the frogfish “hair” were, in fact, small spines. For the first time, I knew and saw a scorpion fish called Ambon Scorpionfish. This fish has spikes on the back, head, and around the eyes, and those spikes are deadly! Also, we spotted colorful nudibranch, flamboyant cuttlefish, seahorses, shrimps, flying gurnard, ghost pipefish and many more. We even spotted a funny looking crab that usually called as Pom-Pom Crab. If you see its picture, you will understand why it is called as Pom-Pom Crab.

One thing that I learn after scuba diving around the globe, it is important to have an experienced local dive guide with knowledge of the resident species. Despite hundreds of dives logged, sincerely, I would not find the Rhinopias myself. Thankfully, Maluku Divers Resort in Ambon Bay offers experienced dive guides to assist scuba divers in the search for the species that we wished to see.

Ambon Bay - Maluku

Ambon Bay – Maluku

Maluku Divers resort is strategically situated in a tranquil location with easy access to reach Ambon Bay. The resort has waterfront bungalows with large wooden terrace. The bungalows have an uninterrupted view across Ambon Bay. No crowds but solitude. A peaceful place for travelers and scuba divers to relax, and enjoying a holiday close to nature.

Maluku Divers also provides a camera room. Now, that is something special! The camera room is for scuba divers with cameras or video to store their equipment and work with their photography or video. The room has individual working benches with charging sockets. Freshwater to clean up our photography gears and towels to dry are available. What a paradise for scuba divers with the camera like myself!

Ultimate Dive Travel MDR

Ultimate Dive Travel – Maluku Divers Resort

A diving holiday package in Maluku Dive Resort is available through Ultimate Dive Travel, a scuba diving agency based in Florida (USA). Ultimate Dive Travel has more than 20 years of experience in delivering diving holiday package around the world for the USA and International clients. Ultimate Dive Travel understands the scuba divers’ needs and delivers.

More about the scuba diving holiday packages from Ultimate Dive Travel, please visit the Ultimate Dive Travel Facebook and its official website:

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  1. Musuh terbesar Teluk Ambon sekarang memang sampah. Salah satu penyumbang sampah besar adalah pasar Mahardika. Karena pasar itu dipinggir laut, -bahkan sebagian kios berdiri diatas laut- kemungkinan banyak pedagang dan masyarakat membuang sampah ke laut.

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