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Selfie. Wefie. Modern mobile-phone’s camera technology has introduced us to this trend. According to Urban Dictionary, wefie is a plural version of selfie; ‘A photo was taken in the same fashion as a selfie, but with 2 or more people – making it a “WE-fie.” Usually, the friend with the longest arms is the designated wefie taker.’ Most of the time, the wefie was taken using selfie stick. I don’t have a selfie stick (yet) but I have captured wefie images with my travel buddy.

Wefie in Jakarta

Wefie in Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, is one of the cities that friendly for street photography lovers. People are mostly easy going and most of the time, do not bother their images are (secretly) captured by photographers. Additionally, the street-life in Jakarta is interesting to observe. In the next coming Monochrome Monday posts, I will present more images of the street-life in Jakarta.

Wefie in Jakarta

Wefie in Jakarta

Photography details

When: The images were captured during the day
Camera: Olympus Micro Four Thirds (MFT) E-PL3
Camera Mode(s): Manual – F1/8, S 1/4000, ISO 200
Digital Processing: Nik Software Silver Efex Pro  (I used the older version, I got it for free as a giveaway photoshop plugin).
Flash: No flash
Lens: Olympus MFT 75mm f/1.8

Do you take WE-fie(s)?

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  1. Nice pics. A friend of mine keeps telling me to visit him and spend a month with him in Jakarta. I am tempted, but I told him if I ever came there it would be at my expense and not his. Thus, I will have to wait a bit before I visit your city 🙂

    • I hope someday you will visit Jakarta! One month is long enough, perhaps combine it with visiting other islands..the only thing I warn, be prepared for frustrating traffic jam in Jakarta!

  2. Hi Indah, I dont like using selfie-stick, I dont want to buy, even everyday I see people use at club house near my home. I think it reduces our function as a social being. It is a selfish stick. Why dont we ask other that passing by/other(s) who also take pictures to take it for us, and we also help the others to do so. Speaking, at least say hello, help, thank you, please and compliment to others is a lot better than selfie stick. We are social creature….

    • Oh I know the feelings! Totally understand, I actually not so much into wefie, I can count by my fingers of how many wefie and selfie that I have done 😀 Sometimes, the people who did wefie or selfie ignored their surroundings as well. I read news about the nature in Indonesia ruined by people who just wanted to do selfie or’s so bad!

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