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William Berry House in Loring Park

Loring Park Little House bw wordpress

William Berry's House

William Berry’s House

I’d had an idea to name this post as ‘a spooky house in the park’. As a new resident of Minneapolis (USA) for less than a month, the house looked to me just like a ‘cute’ installment at the park. I changed my mind after reading the house history from the website of the Friends of the Loring Park.

Located in Loring Park, a park that existed from Year 1883, the house was built as the office of William Berry, the first park superintendent in Minneapolis. According to the Friends of the Loring Park, the house was constructed in 1889, and it served for 17 years as his office. The house had changed its functions after his retirement but later in 1998, the house was restored to its origins and became one of the Minneapolis park’s historical monuments. I have never realized the house was old, impressive!

Oh well, there is nothing spooky from this house 👻👀

Photography details

When: The images were captured at night (gosh, it was a cold evening!).
Camera: Mobile-phone camera of Samsung Edge S6.
Camera Mode(s): HDR.
Digital Processing: Nik Software Silver Efex Pro  (I used the older version, I got it for free as a giveaway photoshop plugin).
Flash: No flash.
Tripod: No tripod. I hold the phone lightly; truly I was  impressed by the camera lens stability.


  1. Liebe Indah hab ein schönes Wochenende hier ist es am schneien und da bleiben wir lieber zu Haus sei herzlichst gegrüßt in Freundschaft Klaus

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