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Banca and Jukung Boats

Banca boats in the Philippines

Banca boats in the Philippines

Balinese Jukung boat

Balinese Jukung boat (click for larger image)

The Banca boat is a double-outrigger canoe in the Philippines. It is traditionally used by the fishermen, and lately, the scuba diving centers use the boat as their main transport for scuba diving. The boat has similar characteristics to the Balinese traditional fishing boat, Jukung. Banca and Jukung boats made from woods and they have arms and bamboo’s floats on both sides of the vessel to create stability. The difference of Banca versus Jukung is on its arms, the Balinese Jukung’s arms designed to ease the boat to get carried on top of the human’s shoulder. The boat is heavy, and a Jukung usually needs four to eight strong people to carry. Regardless its weight, the Banca and Jukung seem weightless when they are on the sea.


  1. I love it when the sun and sky do that to each…but you know, I have NEVER captured a shot that really worked well…like your shot does!

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