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City of Arts and Sciences Architecture


In response to Daily Post Photo Challenge, I included four images of L’Àgora and Assut de l’Or Bridge in the Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences complex that I took during our visit to Valencia (Spain). I took the images of these two landmarks not only from every angle, but also at different times during the day and night. They were designed by Spanish Architect Santiago Calatrava. He was sued by the Valencia city government after the roof of Palau de las Artes, also in the City Arts’ complex, was falling apart.

More information about these Spanish landmarks, please visit my previous post Valencia: the City of Arts and Sciences.


  1. Stunning captures Indah! We didn’t stop by when we drove through Valencia, but only because I had not idea these astonishing landmarks existed. Next time! 🙂

    • Thank you Inger! It was one of our highlight when visiting Valencia. The city is quite unique, whenever you have time, please do visit it..We love their food and wine too 😉

  2. Lovely clicks!! You are so versatile, Indah!! I love your enthusiasm. Tell me, what do carry in your luggage while traveling… Camera kits and diving kits only?

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