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Clownfish Close-Up

Finding Nemo Quote

Finding Nemo is my favorite all the time movie, plus, I love clownfish. I took tens of clownfish images during my scuba diving :D. So, on my third submission for the 3 Day, 3 Quotes Challenge as invited by Life of Mon, I share Dory’s wisdom together with a clownfish image that I took in Raja Ampat (Indonesia).

Gladly I share the close-up image of the clownfish to the Daily Post Close up Challenge.


  1. Whenever we dive, clownfish seem to “greet” us. Due to this behavior, we came to conclude they’re as friendly as puppies. Only recently did we realize that they were actually aggressive and territorial fish, and their “greeting” is actually a warning. We even saw one nipping a green sea turtle when the latter approached the clownfish’s anemone home.

  2. I love this close up photo. I rarely snorkel due to where I live and travel infrequently to snorkel destinations however last November my wife and I had a wonderful holiday in Mauii. One of my favorite memories is snorkeling with her while holding hands and floating above a turtle.

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