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Inspirational (Ocean) Quote

Quote by Robert Wyland

This is my second submission for the 3 Day,3 Quotes Challenge as invited by Life of Mon, the first submission was posted in Inspirational Travel Quote.

Most of my travels was exploring beneath the ocean by scuba diving. The wonderment of the ocean where unique species exist as part of life circle never ceases to amaze me. Whale shark was one of the unique species. It was one of unforgettable moments to swim so close with the whale shark. The image was taken in the Philippines, it was my first time trying out split underwater photo: half above water, and half underwater.

Robert Wyland is a marine life artist who presents the beauty of the ocean through his art. His 100 Whaling Walls mural paintings in several countries have created the public awareness of the marine life struggle in our ocean. I am not lucky (yet) to seeing the whales during my scuba diving travels. Since the ocean is vast and often unpredictable, I hope I will be able to see at least one of Wyland’s Whaling series instead.


  1. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful Indah. And what an amazing photo. This one is specifically special and personal to me, because my mom lives just a few blocks away from the one he did in White Rock, BC, Canada. I’ve seen it for years and had no idea of the meaning and all behind it. Thank you for sharing this. Now whenever I’m back in Canada I can appreciate it with so much more understanding.

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