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Sagrada Familia: The Colorful Forest of Columns

I am an admirer to Antoni Gaudí’s architecture design that mostly inspired by the nature surrounding us. Despite criticism that the Sagrada Familia is no longer Gaudí’s or critics by George Orwell, as mentioned in “Homage to Catalonia,” who called it as one of a hideous buildings in the world;  Gaudí was the visionary person behind the idea of the Sagrada Familia to exist. He was not in a rush to finish his last lavish project that he wished to be the last great sanctuary of Christendom. He once stated, “My client can wait.”

Sagrada Familia

The forest of columns is “protecting” the altar (Sagrada Familia)

On my first visit to Sagrada Familia, the interior inside of the Sagrada Familia was under construction, and it was difficult to imagine what it would be like when it’s finished. Finally, on my second visit, I saw the changes and it was astonishing. It turned to be the most colorful church interior I have ever seen. It was surrounded by the magnificent forest of columns and glittered by bright lights of the intensely colorful stained glass windows. I could stay inside for hours admiring each detail of the design, and take images of the design from many angles. Sagrada Familia is a photographer’s wonderland.

As you entered inside of the Sagrada Familia, these incredible views would greet you. The stairs as pictured in the first image was to reach the towers, but the towers can be accessed using a lift – which was better to avoid being dizzy after climbing 400 steps of spiral staircase!

The walls have windows with colors of stained glasses; they bring spectacular colors through inside the Sagrada Familia.

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

National Geographic mentioned Sagrada Familia as an unfinished world wonder. I wonder if it will be a world wonder after its completion. It is on its way to being completed in 2026, marking a century of Antoni Gaudí’s death. It will not be the first worship place to get acknowledged as a world’s wonder, just name it: Angkor Wat, Borobudur, Saint Basil’s Cathedral and few more as listed by many worlds’s wonder organizations.

Compared to the first visit, Sagrada Familia on my second visit was much more crowded. I guess Sagrada Familia is getting more popular. If you are going to visit Sagrada Familia, please do book your ticket online (with specific entrance time) to avoid the long queue. I read the queue could take hours, so I booked the ticket online. It took me less than a minute to enter while I saw the long queue on the other side. Additionally, if you are planning to take pictures inside, do bring a tripod as some area could be very dark.

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  1. I love Gaudi’s architecture too! Park Guell is my absolute favorite (probably because it involved colorful tiles). I went inside Sagrada Familia 9 years ago and there was still scaffolding…it looks so beautiful and I have to visit again to see the whole thing. Off season preferably!

  2. This looks amazing – there was construction inside when I last visited too, so it’s great to get a taste of what’s changed. Amazing to see something so impressive being built though. Thanks for linking up to #mondayescapes

  3. The colors are incredible! During my visit to Barcelona, I only saw the exterior of the Sagrada Familia. I going back soon and i was thinking about skipping the interior. However, after this post I will think about that twice.

  4. Beautiful colors! When we were there, they “sold out of tickets” to get in at 11am, I was so disappointed, I have to make sure I go in next time,! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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