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Featured Photographer: Aleksandar Matic

Featured PhotographerWelcome to the fourth edition of the Featured Photographer monthly post. Please meet Aleksandar Matic from Belgrade (Serbia). Aleksandar’s daily profesion is a Brand Manager (IT).

During his spare time, he enjoys the beauty of his hometown and captured its beauty through his camera lens. Through this post, Aleksandar will bring us to a magical atmosphere of Belgrade and as well his secret in taking amazing images in Belgrade!

Let’s be inspired and support amazing talents!


I know Aleksandar Matic’s photography from Instagram. He took amazing pictures of Belgrade, a city that I wish to visit someday. Aleksandar has more than 5,000 followers on Instagram and thousands of likes on every image. It is not surprising for a person with big talent as he is. I am gladly presenting his favorite works through this post.

Zraci i oblaci


A Love for Beautiful Belgrade

Winter night on the river

You said in Instagram that you love Belgrade. May I know the reason why you love Belgrade?
When I walk around through Belgrade, I feel that vibe that motivates me. I can’t explain the reason, my city has everything I need…

Do you have a favorite place in Belgrade to take a picture?    
My favorite place is any place with beautiful view and where I can take a panorama of Belgrade’s impressive landmarks: Belgarde fortress (Kalemegdan) and Gardos Hill in Zemun.

Can you recommend what to do and see for travelers when visiting Belgrade?
Belgrade as one of the oldest city in Europe gives you an opportunity to see lots of historical places. I recommend to discover Kalemegdan fortress; take a walk through Knez Mihailo Street; take a visit one of the biggest orthodox temples in the world: Saint Sava; spend an active day on the two international rivers Sava and Danube; visit Ada Ciganlija lake, enjoy the nature and play some sports.

For lovers of gastronomy, I recommend Skadarlija Bohemian Quarter where you can take a dinner in one of our national restaurants. Belgrade is known as a city who never sleep, you can enjoy the nightlife and visit a lot of different clubs (the most popular are floating clubs).

When is the best month to visit Belgrade?
The most beautiful month to visit Belgrade is May because it’s a springtime and the temperature is great for walking and explore the city.


Aleksandar Matic as a Photographer

fast Life

Who has inspired you to take pictures?
A few years ago I discovered that I love photography taking a picture with my mobile phone. It was the love at the first sight. Through the time I wanted to make more professional pictures so I bought DSRL camera.

Why photography?
I love taking pictures because it gives me positive vibes and the opportunity to be more creative and to show everyone, my artistic soul.

What is your favorite camera gear: the camera, lens or accessories when taking pictures around Belgrade?
I use camera Canon EOS 1100d, lens 18-55mm and 55-250mm, tripod. (Manual mode).

I notice that you take a lot of images during night time as well, so, which one do you prefer, night photography or day-light photography?
I prefer night photography and my favorite part of the day is a blue hour, the period of twilight.


Belgrade Through Aleksandar’s Eyes

I admire these three images from Belgrade, are there any special stories from these images?
All three images were taken on long exposure with ISO 100, so the tripod was needed. When I took the image entitled The Victor – Gardos, I was standing on the top of a hill so it looks it was taken at a similar height.

Meanwhile, the image entitled Fireworks at the Saint Sava Temple was taken on Serbian’s New Year’s Eve which falls on the 13th January. It was my first shooting of fireworks and I was excited with the result!

Ada Bridge


Would you like to leave a special message to readers about Belgrade? 
Belgrade is a town that gives everything that you need. It is a city for everyone; who are dreamers, persons with romantic souls or maybe adventurers, persons who love gastronomy or hedonists.You can find here whatever you want!

If you share my love for photography, I give you the opportunity to take a photo-walk with me and I will show you the best places to catch the best moments!

Thank you so much for your kind offer! Hvala! I am sure I would like to do a photo-walking with you as a great source for photography of Belgrade, and I am sure as good readers who love photography and traveling!





Can’t get enough of Aleksandar Matic’s Photography?

All images presented here are chosen by Aleksandar as his favorite images. If you click the image, you will be directed to the larger version of the image in Instagram.

Aleksandar Matic has been active in presenting his works through three social media. You, as invited by him, are welcomed to visit Belgrade and take pictures with him!

Facebook Page of Aleksandar

Please visit and join him on these following social media:

Facebook Page – Through My Eyes by Aleksandar Matic

Flickr by Aleksandar Matic

Instagram by Aleksandar Matic


  1. Wow! Amazing!!
    I also wish to visit Belgrade sometime soon!!
    I am impressed that Aleksandar prefers taking pictures at night… and he indeed does it very well. I find it so difficult to take pictures at night. Maybe because I am still a beginner!
    Great work!

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