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Singapore’s Chinatown

Today is a sad day for Singaporeans. Lee Kuan Yew who was known as the founding father of modern Singapore passed away at age 91. His leadership that introduced intensive modernization process has brought Singapore as one of most developed countries in the world.

In the process of modernization of Singapore, Chinatown was designated as conserved historic district in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew was emphasizing on the importance of conserving Singaporeans built heritage for future generations, and this was shown in his urban policy to preserve Chinatown’s neighborhood. History of Chinatown itself started from British colonialism.

This post shows a short glimpse of the Chinatown. We stayed in the neighborhood for couple nights and impressed by the old building preservation that brings special characteristic of the area. I believe certain Chinese traditions and cultural events are still continued as well.

While cruising around the Chinatown, we also learned a bit about Singlish, Singapore English and how to use it when in a restaurant. Singlish consisted of words from English, Malay, Hokkien, Cantonese, and Tamil.

I saw some interesting pamphlets that introduce the neighborhood’s history and its people who make the neighborhood.

Chinatown in SingaporeI captured more images of Chinatown in color version that later I would love to share in another blog post. Overall my visits in Singapore, I found the Chinatown as my most favorite area, mainly because it still preserves cultural and tradition values. A legacy of Lee Kuan Yew to preserve own heritage and traditions while promoting modernization of a country.

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    • many areas in Singapore for staying! I will write another post about it later on. My apology for my frequent visits too, it has been hectic lately and I wish I could write more posts in the blog and visiting other blogs regularly 😦

      • Thats sounds awesome, I will look forward to it!! Ohhh nooo, no need to apologize Indah! It has been crazy here too… what matter is that we are always in touch, we can always catch up 😀 don’t worry about that.

  1. Lovely post! Lovely photos. Would love to see the color ones, but B&W works truly well in these images! I love Singapore. Haven’t been there in years. I remember when Chinatown was actually Chinatown, and those stores along the river were still stores with homes above (now restaurants and shops…but still lovely). You could buy a handful of chicken satay in the park for one dollar. And Singapore is so clean.

    • Oooh..chicken satay there was so good 🙂 all food in Singapore is my favorite..hahaha..and I agree Singapore is so clean, a great example for many countries in the region to manage their waste system properly. Thank you so much for your visit!

      • I always say: if you want to get sick in SE Asia, get sick in Singapore. I love Bali, but I’ve seen their hospitals.

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