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Featured Photographer: Randi Ang

Featured PhotographerDear readers, I would like to introduce a new monthly feature of this blog: Featured Photographer. The first edition of this post, I am honored to introduce Randi Ang, a young Indonesian businessman based in Lombok (Indonesia) who is incredibly talented in photography, especially on underwater photography.

I have been knowing Randi’s photography works from Flickr. Randi contacted me through Flickr, asking for tips on one of my underwater images in Flickr. He just got his Open Water diving license in December 2012. When I looked at his Flickr page, I knew immediately that he would become an awesome underwater photographer. His Flickr page back then already showed his photography talent. He took beautiful landscape images.

Randi started underwater photography in 2013, and shortly his underwater photos won photography competitions and his images have been published in several media, as well as through Getty Images. The following images are his winning images that become his most memorable photographs. Curious to know more about Randi? Please read the following interviews..

How do you define underwater photography?
Randi explained to me that he viewed “underwater photography not just as simple snap shots or documentation pictures taken from underwater. Exploration to an object is needed, either in wide angle or macro, to turn it as an artistic picture even it’s just a “common” things.”

slideshow 6

What is your underwater camera?
“Shortly after finishing my Open Water course, I bought a Canon S110 and Ikelite housing. I started taking underwater pictures at the beginning of 2013 with the basic set up. Slowly, I bought additional accessories and equipment (strobes – underwater flash, arms & tray, wet lenses).”

It is a compact camera. Have you ever upgraded your Canon S110?
“I still use it. I have Canon G9 too. My complete underwater photography gear: Canon S110 with Ikelite Housing, Canon G9 with Canon WP-DC21 Housing, Strobes: Sea & Sea YS-D1, External macro wet-lens: Inon UCL-165 M67, Subsee +10, Go-So +20, External wide angle wet-lens: UWL-05 Ultrawide, Inon UFL-M150Z M80″

Do you bring all your photo gears for diving?
“I bring my Canon S110 with the strobes & wet lenses.”

slideshow 1

Scuba divers are also travelers, and we do have dream (diving) destination and favorite destinations…so, where is your favorite diving place?
“I’ve been diving not even more than three years, so not many places I’ve been to. Outside of my hometown, Lombok, I’ve only been to Tulamben – Bali, Manado and Bunaken in North Sulawesi. 90% of my logged dives were in Lombok. The beach is not far from my home.  I can reach one of my favorite dive sites in less than an hour. Normally, I dive once a week, with two to three-dives. “

“By far, my favorite among these places is Tulamben (Bali, Indonesia). It’s an easy dive site, with a shore entry. It has beautiful ship wreck with rich marine life, tons of critters for macro, easy to reach, and value for money.”

slideshow 4

Do you have a dream destination that you wish to visit?

“Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia) is just like a dream destination for every divers in the world! So I want to be there one day! I have heard once a diver saying that you can see everything in Raja Ampat! That’s the reason why it becomes a dream destination for me 🙂 “

I do hope Randi will visit Raja Ampat someday! After visiting Raja Ampat myself last year, I am sure Randi will take amazing photographs there and enjoy the marine biodiversity of Raja Ampat. If there are diving magazine editors reading this post, please consider to send him to Raja Ampat as your photographer 😉

Some underwater photographers are focusing on a certain type of photography: macro or wide-angle photography. Which one is your preference?
“I love both macro and wide angle photography. It depends on the dive sites. I will go for wide if I want to do it, and as well for the macro. But I do more macros just because plenty of dive sites option. Mostly, I’ll bring both of my macro wet lenses & wide lens on a single dive. I may switch to one of them underwater, just depends on the situation/object/visibility/etc.”

Are there favorite shots from wide angle and macro among your collection?
“My favorite wide angle shot was taken at Gili Meno, Lombok (Indonesia). It was a great moment I could shot a passing turtle above me, and the silhouette of my buddy very well positioned against the sunburst. I don’t think be able to get better moment on the future.”

“And for macro, my favorite is a pregnant male Bargibanti Pygmy Seahorse, taken in Gili Gede, Lombok (Indonesia).  Pygmy seahorse & nudibranch are my favorite critter. Lucky to had it staying at the top of seafan, so I could compose a good frame for this pygmy seahorse.”

Can’t Get Enough of Randi Ang’s Photography? 

All images in this post are Randi Ang’s top eight favorite photographs from his collection. I am honored to present his favorite images! (PS: if you click the images, you will be directed to larger version of the image at his Flickr Page).

slideshow 5

You can follow Randi Ang’s photography in the following media:

Flickr of Randi Ang

Instagram of Randi Ang 

To purchase his images, please visit:

Randi Ang at Getty Images

Randi Ang at iStockPhoto

Randi Ang at Shutterstock


  1. Wow only a S110 like me… so this is the kind of result you can get with external lens…so interesting! of course, his talent is the main part of the quality of these pictures 🙂 I have been lucky also to meet another great talent in underwater photography when I was diving in Dauin, Philippines, the link to his blog is on my latest blog post if you are interested :

  2. This is incredible stuff. So cool photos and inspiring blog. Thanks for sharing this interview and about his work. Its so magical. Do visit my travel blogs with interesting photos. I too would love to feature in your new column some day 😉 😉

    • It is a pleasure to share his work and I am happy to hear from you! I enjoy your post and travel photography – they are inspiring! Now already have some photographers (outside of wordpress) for the next coming months but – surely soon, I would love to invite you!

  3. wonderful guest feature – still in awe of his work and enjoyed the Q & A format a lot. ❤ ❤ – and of course now I have the marine feel and ahhhhhh – so nice….

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