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Winter Walk in Kralingse Forest

I am joining Jo’s Monday Walk this week. While Jo is exploring Stokesley (North Yorkshire, England), I am going to explore the most popular urban forest and recreational area in Rotterdam: Kralingse Forest. One of my favorite places to walk! Please visit Jo’s Monday Walk this week’s post to read more of other bloggers stories of their Monday Walk.

Kralingse forest is located in the Kralingen neighborhood of Rotterdam, surrounded by a large lake for water activities like sailing or swimming (in the summer). The forest complex of 200 hectares includes a children’s zoo (petting zoo), running track, climbing park, artificial beach, restaurants, recreational park for barbecue and picnic, forest area, and a Dutch windmills. The forest is a popular place for walking and also running. It’s no surprises that as the weather nice even in the winter season, the residents in Rotterdam and its satellite cities will visit Kralingse Forest for outdoor activities.

In addition to the swans which can be seen almost everywhere in the lake area of the forest,  a very common sight in the forest is the dog owners walking with their pets.  One of the dogs is crazy enough to swim on the lake’s cold water. Yes, that’s my dog, Dante.

There is also an Indonesian traditional building in the area, a Minangkabau house from Sumatera Island. It is used for restaurants, in which one of them, of course, an Indonesian restaurant. The Minangkabau house and the Dutch windmills are located next to the lake, that make the area quite unique and special 😉

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      • I think cities that are creative enough to develop a natural area for their populations are the best (i.e., Central Park in NYC) as it gives the people a place to take a nice long breath and relax 🙂 Cheers Indah ~

  1. I really love the land and water feel – and the whole mood of the post was natural – and chilly – wonderful images Indah!! 🙂

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