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Descent to the Ocean

On our scuba-diving holiday in Jardines de la Reina (Cuba), we were lucky to saw a freediving action by a world champion freediver Guillaume Néry diving descent to the ocean. It was an awesome sight  and a special one as well to witnessed how he went down to the deep ocean by holding his breath without using any breathing apparatus.  Guillaume Néry was staying on the same area for a documentary film on the freediver. Jardines de la Reina was known for sharks diving destination. During our dive there, we were easily spotted tens of sharks at the same dive site. Freediver and sharks were certainly an interesting combination for a documentary.

Freediver in Bali

It was not the first time I saw a freediver swimming descent to the ocean during my dive. Freedivers and scuba divers are sometimes sharing similar dive spot. In Bali I saw a freediver descent in the middle of a school of fish. Pretty cool! Freediving has different practice than scuba diving though. It means diving free from breathing support equipment like tanks. The freedivers depend on their lungs to descent by holding their breathe until they return to the surface. Holding breathe is not advised in scuba-diving as it may caused lung over expansion.

Have you seen Guillaume Néry in action? Here is one of his freediving action videos that created by his partner who is an amazing freediver as well,  Julie Gautier.

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  1. omg, this is brilliant… the rays of light make it all so surreal… it was very interesting for me to read about the different between free diving and scuba diving… amazing post, Indah!!

    • 😀 makasih banyak ya Winny…nanti kalau aku ke Indonesia deh ya? Atau kapan main ke sini? Nanti kita motret bareng 😀 Atau suatu saat aku coba tulis artikel tentang fotografi..pengen nulis tentang itu tapi rasanya kok gak pe-de abisan bukan fotografer profesional 😀 😀

  2. Stunning post… Also …Thank you so much for the information dear Indah!
    Sending you my very best wishes, love, Aquileana 😀

  3. very cool video – and what skill to free dive like that! I was just surprised that his feet did not make more of a sand cloud – anytime I git the bottom a sand cloud usually goes all over and I have to wait for it to settle – but I guess it depends on the sand…
    I enjoyed this post 🙂 – and actually I sometimes practice with something that I learned from a a free diver. we call them skin divers here – and well, this guy in Florida told me how they take an extra breathe to fill the lungs even more – and how people can do it just to fill their lungs if they need to get more air in their body.

    So what he does is he takes a deep breathe – and then on top of that he sucks even another bit of air – and then some more until absolutely no more can be sucked in – and then he goes under water – but he said folks can do that even if they are not going under water – because it is a nice way to get air into the deep er part of the lungs as most people are shallow breathers. I guess yogis do this deep breathing all the time – but not quite like this easy technique of sucking in air in a few phases….

    anyhow, that descending diver is pretty amaZing – with the beams and the whole feel – ❤

    • Ahh, it sounds not too complicated as the way you describe it! I guess they did lots of exercise as well to get used to deep breath and release it underwater. I found it is interesting that some skindiver/freediver combine it with yoga. Thanks so much for this information Yvette – I love the video too, this guy is certainly talented and maybe having special lung too 😀

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