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My Writing Process

I get an invitation from a talented travel blogger who is also a scuba diver fellow, Allane Milliane from Packing My Suitcase to participate in “the Writer’s Blog Tour”. She has an awesome travel blog and a wonderful writer. I will not be surprise if someday she published a travel book. Personally I have never considered myself as a writer as my writing mostly combined with the photographs that I took, but Allane is kindly convinced me to participate and here it is, let’s explore how my writing process.

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What am I working on?

Daily I work for an international organization based in the Hague. My current team consists of professionals from different nationalities and we are working on a case that is expected to end by next year. Blog writing and photography are my activities after office hours and while off from works. After work and when I am not fed up looking at the computer screen ;), I am preparing some drafts for the next blogging posts like the weekly Monochrome Monday, monthly Marine Life and travel post surprises.  I also working on another category of monthly post that will start next year.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is difficult to answer. Everyone has its own style and favorite subject to write that make each blogger and writer unique. I like to combine my writing with the images that inspired me to write. I am not a writer by nature. I was trained to prepare academic and report writing with data and tiring theoretical argument, for travel writing, I depend on images as my “data source”. Sometimes I feel like I am more a photographer than a writer 😉


Why do I write what I do?

I love architecture design, culture and ocean. I am glad that my office is generously giving its staff with thirty days annual leaves so I can do what I love to do. For the love reason, I am more than happy to share my photography, knowledge and thoughts especially about ocean. It is my sincere wish that by introducing the marine life and my diving experience; the readers will get familiar of what lies beneath the ocean and start to care about our ocean.

How does my writing process work?

For blogging, I prepare my writing a couple days in advance before publishing. I usually started after getting an idea of the writing subject. Surprisingly, walking my dog has contributed in getting such ideas. After that, I will look for the photographs, then read again my notebook from my travel and scuba diving holiday. My photos are my inspiration to write and my notebook helps me in getting the details. Not all my images are beautiful, but each of them has personal reminiscences.

I let my writing project flows following my mood. I’d prefer preparing my writing and photography without any pressure. If I have the feeling to write articles for magazines or special online media then usually I just do it immediately even if I have to stay late for that reason.

Now, to pass this on..

I would like to invite the following six blog writers to take part on the tour as well..

DSC_0052 wordpressChez Lorraine. Lorraine is a well known blogger in Indonesian blogger community. She writes about daily opinions, history, food and travel.
Inese MJ Photography. Inese is a family portrait photographer who also write about places, and histories. Her blog is very interesting to read.
Makeup and Breakup. Nihar Pradhan is a talented writer and aspiring photographer who just publishing a book.
Readsbyredriverbanks. Jenny is a talented writer and I enjoy her writings so much. Her writings contain informative topics. Additionally, she is also a scuba diver.
Travel the Unknown. Jackson is an aspiring backpacker. His travel writing is fun and nice to read. I hope to read more of his travel adventures.
Two Brown Feet. Cheryl and Basil are two travelers and write great posts with beautiful photos.


  1. Hi Indah, i think it’s the results of tiringly trained hone natural habit of your writing skills, so we can say practice & great passion that makes your writings perfect or does the very best. Then we the readers enjoys get overflowed by your enthusiasm & informative knowledge.

  2. I wish I can be as organised as you..haha, I’m a mess when it comes to organising my posts…but your photos are really really good…instead of a book, I think it’s good enough for a can think about that instead…;)

    • 🙂 Thank you so much Sha! The photo book idea sounds awesome 🙂 But sincerely I think publishing a book sounds too much responsibilities! 😀 😀

      • Hahaha but it’s worth a thought though or a photo exhibition would be awesome! I have a friend who had a photobook made for herself and travel companions from her photos each time she travelled. Her photos are also quite good and it is good to have for memories as well…:)

        • 😉 Thank you so much for the ideas, that’s nice to have photo books of the travels indeed, I like that 🙂 I had a photo exhibition before and honestly I don’t think I would like to do a single exhibition again 😀 – back then it was only a simple photo exhibition yet I was busy like hell!

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