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Muay Thai

It was Dutchie idea to watched Muay Thai Fights and our hotel in Phuket recommended us a competition at Bangla Boxing Stadium (Patong, Phuket). Personally, I do not like any fighting competitions. Punching or kicking your rival does not look like a sport to me. I do believe the process of being a fighter itself is the sport. However, Muay Thai is rather unique. It started with Wai Kru Ram Muay performance by the fighters. It consisted of two shows, the first is to respect people who close to the fighters like the coaches, family, friends and supporters; and the second performance with bow gestures aimed to respect God.

The Muay Thai fighting itself consisted of kicking and punching. It is famously known as Thai Boxing. Looking at these pictures again, I’d rather glad to be able to capture some moments during the fights despite of my photography burnout. There were several competitions on that event, I forgot how many to be exact. It started with junior fights and ended with non-Thai fights. Overall, it was an interesting travel activity if you were interested in traditional fights and Thai culture.



  1. Absolutely fantastic action shots Indah. I’ve never seen a Thai boxing fight before. Your words are so true…the sport is in the process of becoming a fighter.

    • Thank you Ron! Unfortunately because of “the-not-in-the-mood-of-taking-picture”, I missed a lot of good moments like KO and the winning..It was a mild burnout – thankfully!

    • I am with Dedy! I think the process of being a fighter is the sport – like its exercise, discipline and making self strong physically and mentally. However, I was touched by the pre-fight ceremony though, it’s rather special.

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