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Summer Lovin’ in Nusa Dua

Sunshine, tropical heat, beach, waves, white sand and corals for snorkeling (or diving 😉 )… Photos were taken in Nusa Dua (Bali, Indonesia) where I had my summer lovin’!



  1. I love to snorkel around shallow reefs like that! Having the pool so close to the ocean is a nice feature as well. The photos are beautiful, as always.

  2. A dream! What I wouldnt give to be there now 😀 amazing photos as always!

    • Thank you! Oh I know the feeling..I wish I have that teleportation power to transport me to any places at anytime I want :)) I guess such power would be very useful for travelers 😀 😀

      • hahahaaha I guess if I had this power I would never stop traveling, that would be a dream haha :D:D

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