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Monochrome Monday: Turtle

Taken in Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia). When we found him, he was completely ignoring us – we were four scuba divers back then. I guess he was starving or he did not think we would steal his food. It was fun to watch him eating. At the same time I was rather glad that he did not feel threatened by us.

This post is also to fulfill my promise to Images by T. Dashfield who loves turtle! 🙂 Yup, we saw turtle(s) during the diving and this one is very special 🙂


    • My pleasure! I was thinking of you and your turtle post when watching him eating 😀 he was really taking his time enjoying his food..

  1. So cool, I think there is nothing more beautiful than a nice, big sea turtle sharing your dive. Great photos, the B&W excellent.

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