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Top Five Destinations I’d Love to Return

I was invited to a post challenge by Packing My Suitcase to write about the five places I loved and I would love to return. This challenge is originally from – Top Destinations to Go There. Sincerely it took me a week to create the list as I have more than five places that I would love to return. Additionally there are some places I wish to return just for scuba-diving. The list I created now is top five destination as in general travel, however, I do have another top five scuba diving destination that I would like to share on future post. Someday 🙂

5. Scotland (United Kingdom)

Scotland is simply breathtaking. Scotland has so much to offer in tourism industry: it has amazing castles; remarkable lochs, wildlife and nature; golf course with splendid view; and of course: bagpipes, haggis and kilts! When in Scotland: just rent a car and drive! The scenery during our drive around Scotland was truly enjoyable. I heart Edinburgh for its beautiful hilly landscape and amazing buildings. I enjoyed Highland Dancing performance in Braemar. I treasured the stunning Urquhart Castle and its surrounding. I know why a monster would like to stay in Loch Ness – it is such a beautiful loch to stay and huge enough to start a family ;). And I had wonderful walks in Mallaig. I would love to return to Scotland and by far the only thing that hold me up is getting British visa to enter Scotland (it was not the easiest visa procedure I have ever had). I wonder if majority Scottish would choose Scotland to be an independent state in 2014 independence referendum and if it really separates from United Kingdom; would  Scotland be friendlier than United Kingdom for tourists from developing countries? I do hope so!

4. Barcelona (Spain)

Beach, delicious food, sun, awesome shops, football, modern buildings and Gaudi’s marvelous architectures. That’s Barcelona for you! Additionally, bullfighting is banned in Barcelona 🙂 But please don’t expect to practice Spanish in Barcelona as majority residents think they are Catalans instead of Spanish, thus some of them would prefer to speak Catalans or English. I had Gaudi’s tour during my visit to Barcelona. I admire his tremendous works in Barcelona. I would love to return to do the tour again.

3. Hong Kong (China)

I have been visiting Hong Kong multiple times and I always enjoy my visits. It has remarkable in-town airport check-in system, where you can check in your suitcases in the city center before your departure. I found Hong Kong has the best airport services – from its efficient immigration to the airport facilities. You might get the feeling the city as one huge jungle of skyscrapers and tall buildings with too much commercial adverts, but Hong Kong has some nature reserve areas like Mai Po, and large parks in the city. And two things that I love about Hong Kong are its night view and its milk tea 😉

2. Havana (Cuba)

Oh Havana..what can I say: its malecon, its old buildings, its plazas, its American antique cars, its Hemingway, its Che, its musics… How I love about Havana can be read on my previous posts – Mesmerizing Havana Vieja. I fall in love with Havana at my first visit, and I would love to visit it again and again.

1. Bali (Indonesia)

OK, I mentioned Bali as the number one here not because I am a crazy nationalistic person who wish to promote my country :). The truth is Bali has everything to love and to hate at the same time. For this reason I always feel home whenever visiting Bali despite the fact that Bali is not even my hometown. Bali is a destination for all type of travelers. I have been visiting Bali multiple times and the island has never bored me. Its people, its daily tradition, its beaches, its waves for surfers, its temples, and its underwater for scuba divers and snorkelers are unique and differ from the rest of the islands in Indonesia.

According to the challenge, I should nominate five travel bloggers to participate in this challenge. So my nominations would go to: BamaHis Travel and Work ReporterKrishna’s Pictures and Notes, Myenz, and Snippets of Suri

And, I invite all readers to participate in writing the challenge as well, what is your top five destinations that you wish to visit again? I am curious and would like to read your recommendation. Hope you will share your Top Five post with us!


  1. This is truly an incredible list and let me call it a mouth watering one 🙂

    Bali is right there on top of my wish list and hope to do it in an years time…

    First I need to buy a new lens and then, off to Bali 🙂

  2. Hi! You have a wonderful blog full of great info. I just want to confirm that Scotland is the best place to visit as I live here and I love it. I also write a blog about Scotland so feel invited to come and visit it. Scotland is a beautiful country with wonderful landscape and places to see but the best time to come is summer of course, as the weather here is very challenging, full of sudden changes from the full sunshine to sudden rain and gloomy clouds, so be well prepared and choose the good season to come.

  3. I just returned from Cuba a few weeks ago and am already dreaming of returning to Havana! It was spectacular for all the reasons you mentioned. Great post!

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