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Your Travel Photos for the United Nations

Just a quick post…

The United Nations celebrates this year as International Year of Small Island Developing States. As you might have read in several news coverages that the climate change has affected badly to some small island developing states and this event aimed to promote better sustainable development and partnership for these states.

One of the activities is a photo exhibition at the Third Conference on Small Island Developing States in Apia, Samoa. United Nations calls for photos taken in the small island developing states to support the celebration and the exhibition. The list of the small island developing states List of Countries. Maldives and Cuba are included as small island developing states.

For further information about the United Nations Photo Calls please visit this link. The deadline is June 5th, 2014. I am not sure if there is a reward once your photos get selected by United Nations but I think it would be a fruitful experience to contribute to such international event. Wishing best of luck for readers who would like to submit the photos.



  1. Hi Indah, I have just send an email to Christian and Michael Fletcher with your link. Michael is a Filmmaker and travels many time on the True North to Papa New Guinea. Christian is a highly recognized award winning professional photograph in Australia (Landscape) and I think he did also a trip there. and the videos from Michael Have a look I’m sure you will not be disappointed. He has a blog as well 🙂

    • Thank you Erwin! Christian and Michael have awesome works – it’s great to know their remarkable works. I will take a look further on Michael’s videos tonight, the internet here is bit slow today 🙂 many thanks for sharing this..

      • You’re welcome, it’s my pleasure. Both are my idol. But I can only say I tried often but never achieved. :(. I’m still laughing about the fast swimmer.

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