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Monochrome Monday: Istanbul

Inspired by Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness and Lignum Draco’s marvelous black and white street photography, I dare myself to post a monochrome photo related to travel on weekly basis. I choose Monday as it appears it is already a popular day to post monochrome photos in wordpress and flickr.

Today’s monochrome photo is a picture that I took in Istanbul, Turkey. I went there to participate in a four days training which during the training I was requested to assist the trainers to be a facilitator as well. It was an easy task but in the end I did not have enough spare time to explore the city but only exploring a small bazaar nearby to our hotel (I did not even know the name of the bazaar). It was a good walk. I almost bought Turkish lamps but cancelled after I considered it impractical and would not fit in my cabin suitcase. I tried delicious Misir, a fresh grilled corn with spices, from a friendly street vendor who spoke better Dutch than English. I had delicious Turkish tea with Lokum, Turkish delight.

Next to the bazaar there was a small street with international brand shops on each sides except one particular shop of a Turkish bakery with a Turkish lady in front of the window display preparing dough. I could not help myself to take her picture. To my surprise, the guy next door seemed fancy to join in the frame. This picture reminds me of my walk through the bazaar in Istanbul. A city that I wish to visit again to get better exploration.


PS: 360 degree restaurant offers a bird´s eye view of Istanbul with good food and cocktails. The restaurant is located on the top of a building with open roof terrace. Reservation is needed due to the popularity of the place. (I had good dining there before parting with other fellows training participants and the place was quite remarkable).


  1. Beautiful work, Indah,,, a very intriguing work…

    Faces, expressions, reflections, icons… each one can interpret this image as their imagination let them…

    Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

  2. I really like the idea of Monochrome Monday’s I might do the same 🙂
    Love this photo too Indah. There’s so much to take in. Great shot! 🙂

    • Thank you Norma! That’s awesome if you will start the Monochrome Monday! I am so happy to hear it, I hope it will motivate us to take more monochrome photos! 🙂 Looking forward to see your post! cheers..

  3. It’s a shame Indah that you did not have more time to explore Istanbul. How many amazing shots you would bring home. I like this shot, a little confusing on the first but discovers a lot. I think the guy in the corner want’s more as only join into the frame he is only a bit shy. 🙂

    • Indeed, I wish I could stay one more day at least..maybe that’s a good way to return to Istanbul. I think I was shier than him..I left and walked so quickly after clicking the shutter – I feel too embarrassed somehow :))

  4. Awesome shot. the reflection and the lady in the window is fantastic ~ on its own, an incredible shot. But the guy peeking in around the corner…very cool.

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