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Bonaire Murals Art

Fantastic weather today, blue sky, sunny and warm! Summer is coming and hopefully earlier than expected 🙂 In celebrating this lovely weather and to respond to Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art, I post some happy-color murals art photos from Bonaire. They were painted by American and local artists. I found the murals were eye-catching and made me happy to see them – love those bright colors! And that’s how I feel about summer and sunny day.. 😉


  1. Love these, I am a huge fan of murals…they just make a wall come to life, and they also say so much about the place. The snorkeling shot being my fave. Enjoy the nice weekend Indah 🙂

  2. It’s fun to watch it. So vibrant and colorful. On the contrary, it’s raining here at my hometown and can’t even ditch the sweaters till now.

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