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Komodo-Rinca Archipelago: Underwater Photos

Komodo-Rinca archipelago in Flores, Indonesia, without a doubt, is a must place to visit for avid scuba divers. The dive sites are impressive: colorful corals and clamps, big fishes, nudibranchs, and many more. Some dive sites, however, could have strong current and be ready for drift-diving.

My buddy dive and I did 24 dives at 21 dive sites. And Komodo-Rinca area has at least 50 dive sites! My most favorite dive sites: Batu Bolong, Manta Point (so many manta rays!! – I had 70 minutes scuba diving in this dive site observing the mantas, fantastic!), Crystal Rock, and Castle Rock (saw some sharks in this dive site).

We stayed for five days in Labuan Bajo, with Orca Dive Center and five days in Sebayur Island, with Komodo Dive Resort in December. We enjoyed the service from both dive operator/resort.

I am sure I will visit Komodo-Rinca archipelago again, and maybe I will be able to visit the rest of 29 dive sites 🙂

Also submitted to Monday Escapes #10


  1. Fantastic photos. Husband and I used to dive but haven’t been since having children. Definitely need to get back into it again at some point. Your photos make me want to dive straight in

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