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Komodo-Rinca Archipelago: Underwater Photos

Komodo-Rinca archipelago in Flores, Indonesia, without a doubt, is a must place to visit for avid scuba divers. The dive sites are impressive: colorful corals and clamps, big fishes, nudibranchs, and many more. Some dive sites, however, could have strong current and be ready for drift-diving.

My buddy dive and I did 24 dives at 21 dive sites. And Komodo-Rinca area has at least 50 dive sites! My most favorite dive sites: Batu Bolong, Manta Point (so many manta rays!! – I had 70 minutes scuba diving in this dive site observing the mantas, fantastic!), Crystal Rock, and Castle Rock (saw some sharks in this dive site).

We stayed for five days in Labuan Bajo, with Orca Dive Center and five days in Sebayur Island, with Komodo Dive Resort in December. We enjoyed the service from both dive operator/resort.

I am sure I will visit Komodo-Rinca archipelago again, and maybe I will be able to visit the rest of 29 dive sites 🙂

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  1. wow! this is super super super awesome.
    I just back from Komodo last month, but I didn’t dive (I could not diving – yet)
    i amazed your pictures, and made me regret for not taking the adventure deeper in Flores sea.

    btw, can I know what underwater camera you use?


    • Hi Alfira, thank you for your kind comment, you made my day 🙂
      When I was in Komodo, I used my favorite compact camera ever: Olympus XZ-1. I used one strobe (underwater flash) though, which helped to bring the color back – INON D2000.
      Recently I just upgrade my underwater photography to Olympus E-PL 5 – and the result is even better as you can see in this page:
      I hope you will dive someday, Indonesia has amazing underwater life – I regretted that I did not start diving when I was still living in Indonesia. Please try to dive and enjoy the most beautiful place in Indonesia: its ocean.

  2. I think that nudibranchs are so alien looking, yet look so wonderful! Very hard to maintain in a closed system though.

    • One thing I know nudibranchs are least that I was told so I have never dared to touch them (but I tried not to touch anything when diving anyway ;)) But yes, they are alien looking and colorful, sometimes it’s kinda weird to see such species could exist on Earth..

      • I know that some of them are poisonous. I had one that had a specialized diet of filamentous algae, which I had ample supply for. It was a very strange and beautiful creature.

  3. This place is amazing!! Im crazy about diving there…this weekend me and my husband were making a list of top diving sites in the world that we would like to visit, and of course Komodo is there! When I go I will ask you for some tips 🙂 great shots as always!

  4. Just visited Komodo, Rinca and nearby islands last week. I only went snorkeling though, but its underwater beauty was truly indisputable! One of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen in my life.

    • 😉 it’s awesome to hear you enjoy the snorkeling there! The underwater in Komodo-Rinca archipel is truly special. Even after our recent visit to Raja Ampat, I thought Komodo is equally amazing as Raja Ampat 🙂
      Do you do scuba diving? Looking forward to read your travel post on Komodo!

      • Wow, I didn’t expect that Komodo-Rinca’s underwater life is equally breathtaking as that of Raja Ampat’s. Actually it was my first ever snorkeling experience, and it didn’t start quite well. I panicked a little bit when I couldn’t figure out how to use the snorkeling equipment, and the current was quite strong. So I went straight to the beach, gasping for air, and got stung by anemone. However the next day I finally managed to use the snorkeling equipment properly, but on my only second day I went to a water with even stronger current to see manta rays! Luckily I noticed one, flying graciously on the sea floor beneath me. The next day I went snorkeling around Kanawa Island, and somehow our boat laid anchor farther than other boats. That forced me to swim through deep waters where I couldn’t even see the bottom. However thrilling those might sound, all in all I can’t wait for another snorkeling experience! 🙂 Plus, I really need to learn how to dive.

        • Cool experience! I have to be honest that I experience the same after not snorkeling for years..It is a matter to get used to it again :))
          Raja Ampat archipelago has impressive landscape as well, especially Wayag area. It is different to Komodo-Rinca archipelago but thy are equally breathtaking 🙂 The underwater of Raja Ampat has more fishes than Komodo but I consider both at the same level as a world class diving – numerous fishes, different type of dive sites and colorful corals. Indonesia is truly blessed with these two archipelagos, they are very rare and not many countries have two awesome archipelagos like these. A scubadiver can easily having different type of diving from muck to drift diving just in one area. Raja Ampat has strong current too – but strong current means good marine life: big fishes! I hope you will dive someday and please do consider taking a diving license whenever you can (no age limit!). Indonesia has amazing underwater that I wish the Indonesians themselves could enjoy seeing it directly 🙂

          • I will surely get a diving license one day. Living is Indonesia without exploring its underwater wonders means missing out a lot! 🙂

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