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Category: Europe

Five Challenging Scuba Diving Destinations

ADVERTORIAL From many diving destinations around the world, some destinations are considered challenging and could turn to dangerous dives if safety measures were not taken. The diving destinations here are […]

Amazing Ceilings of the Vatican Museums

Vatican museums’ ceilings art is known worldwide. Some paintings and crafts on the museum’s ceiling were designed in the 15th century. When I visited the museum with my mother, I […]

Can You See What I See?

Monochrome Monday. This is actually a bicycle parking area at one of the Dutch elementary schools in Katendrecht (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). I could not help to smile after seeing there was […]

(Extra)ordinary Katendrecht

The apartment’s wall presents an image of old days of Katendrecht, one of historical districts in Rotterdam (the Netherlands). It has no windows but it does have red mailboxes and […]

Featured Photographer: Selena Shephard

Welcome to the ninth edition of the Featured Photographer monthly post. Please meet Selena Shephard, a British who lives in Devon (United Kingdom). Despite of her long-term health issues, Selena continues to […]

Travel Mishap Took Me to Budapest

Not all of our travels were smooth as expected. Dutchie and I did experience travel mishaps from time to time. One of them took us to Budapest (Hungary) while our […]

Rotterdam View from De Rotterdam

This image is the second series of  Monochrome Monday: A Photographer, taken at De Rotterdam building’s 42nd floor. De Rotterdam is the largest multi-functional building in the Netherlands. Also submitted for WPC […]