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Shipwreck and Beachcomber Museum Flora in Texel Island

‘Schipbreuk en Juttersmuseum’ Flora (Dutch language) or it is in English translation: ‘Shipwreck and Beachcomber Museum’ Flora is located in Texel Island, the Netherlands. The museum has a large number of collected items (marine debris) stranded in the coastal area of the Island. It claims as the first beachcomber museum in the world with some collection that older than 75 years old.

The collection is varied, and quite surprising as well. For instance, one of the collected items was the crates of whiskeys from year 1949. It’s likely these crates fell from a container ship, then somehow, years later they landed on the beach in Texel.

Schipbreuk en Juttersmuseum Flora

The container ships’ contributions to the museum were not just the crates of whiskeys, but also sanitary pads and sports shoes. According to the Dutch news reports, these items were covering the beach area of the island. What a mess! I can imagine it must be no fun and frustrating to clean the beach full of sanitary pads and sports shoes.

Individual items such as rubber gloves (hundreds of them), television, message in the bottles, and many more household and fishing items were also part of the museum collection.

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