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Just Follow Your Heart: Sydney Harbour Bridge

One thing I learned from my trip to Sydney is that following your heart could be wise.

Yes, I love travelling, but I have had low energy to travel in the past few years; I blame it on the pandemic and major changes in my personal life. Travelling requires a certain level of energy.

Usually, I was excited to plan a trip, but I had minimum excitement when preparing for the trip to Australia. (Sorry, Australia, it’s not you. It’s me.) My mind said NO, you didn’t have to go to Sydney; my heart said YES, you had to visit Sydney while in Australia.

I followed my heart, and I didn’t regret it.

During the weekend, I explored the city and spent most of my time in the Harbour area. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in Australia. Being one of the longest steel-arch bridges in the world, it has become an icon of Australian culture. It is seen as a symbol of engineering excellence and reminds the world of Australia’s engineering capabilities.

Spanning 500 meters across Sydney Harbour, it is the world’s largest steel arch bridge. The bridge was completed in 1932 and has since become an icon of the city. The design of the bridge is a combination of two different types of bridges – the arch bridge and the suspension bridge. The arch bridge is the bridge’s main structure, while the suspension bridge is used for the supporting cables.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is a feat of engineering that took eight years and six million hand-driven rivets to construct. Construction began in 1924, and the bridge was finally completed in 1932. During construction, two temporary jetties were built for the workers to access the bridge, and 10,000 tons of steel and 4,000 tons of cement were used.

Today, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is a marvel in engineering and a fantastic sight. Its construction continues to amaze visitors, including me.

Things to do around the bridge

From the bridge, you can see the bustling Darling Harbour, the blueness of the ocean, the glittering centrum skyline and the lush green residential areas. People-watching is also a great activity to do on the bridge.

On the bridge, there is also a cultural and historical experience. A visit to the Pylon Lookout is a great way to learn about the bridge’s history and its importance to Sydney’s growth.

If you want a calmer experience, Sydney Harbour Bridge has beautiful parks and gardens. Dawes Point Park, located on the tip of the bridge, is the perfect place to enjoy a morning jog or an afternoon picnic. You can see the bridge, the Opera House, the Harbourside and the downtown skyline from the park.

Hickson Road Reserve is another park near the bridge with stunning views of the bridge and the harbour. The park has several walking tracks, making it a great spot to explore the area.

One of the most beautiful parks near the bridge is Milson’s Point. The park offers stunning views of the harbour, the Bridge and the Opera House, all within walking distance. From here, you can also take motorboat tours of the harbour, providing a unique view of the bridge and its surroundings.

These beautiful gardens and parks around the bridge are perfect for some alone time, reflection, and relaxation. So, if you’re a solo traveller looking for a peaceful experience, the Sydney Harbour Bridge is the perfect place to explore.

Whether looking for an adventure or a calmer experience, the Sydney Harbour Bridge has something for everyone.

Happy to follow what my heart said to visit Sydney; the visit turned out to be one of the most exciting weekends. 💖


  1. Well done. You do skies as well as water… 😉
    A nice, different view of the Opera.
    Never been Down Under. So far away…
    Maybe one day.
    Thanks for the trip Indah

    • Thank you! I wish I did.. but I was there during the end of the winter, I was not too eager to dive in cold water 😅

  2. Isn’t it strange when it first hits you that while you have travel plans, it’s hard to be motivated? It is rare, but as you show in this post, it is almost a foretelling of a great trip. Icon and beautiful photos, Indah ~ I wish you well!

    • Yes.. i guess partly bcos my trip to Oz was due to work related trip and I just travelled to some places during the weekend. It was my first overseas trip after two years of the pandemic. Lots of things mixed up 🙈

  3. im glad you werent disappointed. I too even with my big trip experienced less excitement than on previous trips, i think due to everything the world’s been through in the last few years. I know you have other reasons on top of that, but glad you still found it worthwhile

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