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Moose Falls

Day 22 of April Landscape Photo Challenge

Happy Earth Day!

Marking the 50th year of the Earth Day, the celebration to honour our planet is mostly through digital platforms, from virtual tours of national parks to live webcams streaming at the zoos.

And we can see the pandemic side effects on the earth: the blue skies clearing up the polluted air – Jakartans can see nearby mountains around their city; cleaner water in Venice; lions were resting on the roads in Kruger National Park; and the Himalayas come into view in Northern India.

I am sure there are many more stories from around the world have emerged on how pandemic lockdown brings impacts on earth. Will there be an alternative future for the earth after the pandemic?


The earth has many magical natural wonders that I wish to last for many more centuries. One magical nature wonder on earth is the waterfalls. I find waterfalls as an incredible force of nature that shows the power of water when falling down and moves through the river streams. Moose Falls in Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, USA), is an example of such force.


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