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April Landscape Photo(s) A Day Challenge

Some of us might have been spending weeks working from home, studying or staying at home, to prevent the COVID-19 keep spreading. It’s my first week since last Wednesday, and I already miss being outdoor, to smell the fresh air, to taste new cuisine, to be in a bustling airport, to dive into the sea, to see beautiful nature and majestic wildlife, to click the shutter button of my camera…

Feeling the sea breeze in Belize

Just to bring positive energy back, I am going to dedicate April as a month for landscape photography from my previous travels before COVID-19. Some photographers have described landscape photography as photography that captures an image that embodies the spirit of the outdoors (source). Being outdoor, doing regular activities without masks and fear, something that perhaps some of us miss dearly these days.

The idea to do the challenge came after a few of my friends posted travel and landscape pictures from their previous travels on their Facebook. The plan is to post one or more landscape photographs in a blog post with a specific daily theme in April. No selfie nor ourselves on the pictures.

Please read an article by Nasim Mansurov – What is Landscape Photography? about landscape photography. His last paragraph reminds me of the reason to start photography:

“Landscape photography is about people. You aren’t taking photos of people, but your end goal is always to show people what you captured. When you bring a viewer into a scene, giving them a sense of the world that you saw, that is landscape photography.”

I will start the challenge tomorrow with the following themes at the below picture. I develop the themes myself and you are welcome to join the challenge if you’d like to 🙂

April Landscape Photo Challenge


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