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Yellowstone: Norris Geyser Basin

Norris Geyser Basin — one of Yellowstone National Park’s most popular geyser basins, Norris is home to Echinus (one of the Park’s most popular geysers) and Steamboat (the world’s tallest geyser). The Steamboat’s geyser eruption could reach to 91 meters high. Unfortunately, I did not see these geysers in action to sense their powerful steam eruption, the magnitude of Yellowstone’s natural wonder.

Yellowstone: Norris Geyser Basin


The basin has two distinctive sections: the Back Basin, which is located in a forest setting and the Porcelain Basin, which is an area of lack of vegetation. The Porcelain Basin is beautiful as it is, although no plants can live in the area due to the hot, acidic water emitted from various thermal in the basin.


There are multi-colored thermal features around the basin and they are quite impressive.


Numerous geothermal features in the basin that worth to visit. The geothermal features such as thermal ponds, geysers, and mud pots are astonishing, that at the same time remind me there is a supervolcano beneath the surface and it has the power to erupt at any time.

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