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Wildlife Wednesday: American Bison

When visiting Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, USA), we were amused by a large number of bison living there. Impressively, Yellowstone is the only place in the United States where bison have lived since prehistoric time (source).

American Bison


There is a difference between a buffalo and a bison. First of all, a buffalo is actually an endemic animal in Asia and Africa. Meanwhile, the bison is North American’s native animal that can handle cold winter and bison has a beard.

American Bison


Sadly, the bison in North America is now considered as “ecologically extinct” as a wild species. They can be seen in some national or state parks in the United States or other small wildlife refugee areas.

American Bison


Just like in Yellowstone National Park, we saw a large number of bison. In fact, we experienced bison crossed the road in front of our car. Not just once, but a couple times! Following is a video we made when the bison crossed the road then decided to walk right in front of our car. Of course, we just had to drive behind the bison as slow as possible following his move. The bison was the boss 😉

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