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Colorful Photos of Otavalo Market (Ecuador)

Located in Northern Ecuador, Otavalo is well known for its indigenous people, Otavalos and its market that surrounded by three volcanoes; Cotacachi, Mojanda, and Imbabura.

Otavalo market


The Otavalo market is famous for its colorful textile products. The Indians in Otavalo were known weavers since pre-Incan times. During the Spanish colonial era, they were forced into textile workshops to produce textiles for European market and trade. After the end of colonialism, the Indians continued to produce textiles for trading locally and internationally.

Otavalo market


Aside to Spanish language, Kichwa, the Quechua dialect spoken in Ecuador, is widely spoken by the Otavalos.



The Otavalos called the market as Centenario Market or Plaza de los Ponchos. Numerous products are now available at the market; such as handmade textile, ceramic, woodcarvings, silver, and jewelry. There are authentic cuisine restaurants around the market as well. The food in Otavalo was relatively affordable. You can have three meal courses for less than 8 U.S. dollars.



Market opens from 7 am to 6 pm every day. The busiest days are Wednesday and Saturday. Don’t miss this market when you are in Ecuador 🙂

Diablo Huma [In Spanish, “diablo” means “devil”. In Kichwa, “huma” means “head”]

Mask of Diablo Huma [in Spanish, “diablo” means “devil”. In Kichwa, “huma” means “head”] is a popular item in the market. Diablo Huma is a legend, a folklore and an important part of the indigenous people’s culture in Ecuador.







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