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The Waterfalls of Yellowstone National Park (Images and Map)

There are numerous waterfalls in the Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming, USA) and even with three days visit, we did not make it to seeing all of them. The Yellowstone National Park is huge (almost 9,000 km²), and three days are not enough to visit all point of interests of the park.


Yellowstone Waterfalls wordpress


We made the best of our three days by seeing and enjoying the view of eight waterfalls and its amazing mountains, abundant wildlife, geysers and hot springs (I will write more about the geyser and hot springs of the Yellowstone on the future posts!). Following are the images of the waterfalls that we visited include the map of the waterfalls (after the post).


1. Gibbon Falls


2. Kepler Cascades

Waterfalls - Kepler Cascades


3. Lewis Falls

Waterfalls - Lewis Fall


4. Moose Falls

Waterfalls - Moose Falls


5. Rustic Falls – Golden Gate

Waterfalls - Rustic Falls


6. Tower Fall

Waterfalls - Tower Fall


7. Undine Falls


8. Upper Falls of the Yellowstone River


Below is a map of the waterfalls in the Yellowstone National Park. The ones without pictures are marked in “Yellow”. Hopefully, someday we will visit the Yellowstone again to complete the map with pictures!


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