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Five Reasons to Love Scuba Diving

Of course, I’d rather be scuba diving. It is one of the travel activities that makes me close to nature and the wildlife who resides in the ocean. Followings are my reasons to love scuba diving. Happy scuba!


First: It feels like you can fly…

Scuba diving pictures from Bangka Island (Indonesia), Sal Island (Cape Verde) and Komodo Archipelago (Indonesia).



Second: Suddenly you are good at yoga…

Scuba diving pictures from Ambergris Caye (Belize) and Raja Ampat (Indonesia).



Third: You explore places that often unknown to other humans 😉

Scuba diving pictures from Tulum (Mexico), Ambergris Caye (Belize) and Sal Island (Cape Verde).



Fourth: You see wild animals so close – from the small one to the giant one!

Images of nudibranch with Dutchie’s finger at Apo Island (the Philippines) and the Manta ray at Komodo archipelago (Indonesia).



Fifth: Scuba diving makes you happy! Can you see their smiles?

Our awesome dive masters when in Raja Ampat (Indonesia) and Galapagos Islands (Ecuador). Scuba divers are happy people, do you notice that? 🙂




  1. Fabulous pictures! My husband and I dove when we were first married. Nowhere exotic, just the New Jersey coast and a quarry. My husband got very good at getting me free fresh lobster.

  2. What a happy post about scuba diving! I’m actually not a water person so don’t ever know if I’ll try it. But I like the idea that it makes you feel like you are flying – you push against the current and the water guides you forward at the same time! Seeing the sea animals up close must be exciting too…if you don’t scare them away that is 😂😉

  3. Oh the wonderful places you go and photos you take. I thought of you the other day when I was watching Blue Planet and a little nudi was shown for a moment. Because of you I knew what it was without them narrating it 🙂 🙂

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