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Minnesota Zoo in Pictures

I am not usually into visiting the zoos. For sure I avoid some zoos after their horrific stories how the zoos treated their animals. Minnesota Zoo (USA) is different. It is one of the long-established zoos that has been known for its commitment to care their animals. The zoo opens since 1978, that makes it 40 years in service by this year. There are several trails where the visitors can choose and follow. I felt like even with two hours walking in the zoo was not enough. I am considering to return to the zoo to follow the rest of the trails.


Snow Monkey

The area for them is quite huge with a pond. They live as a group and they are no longer endangered species after successful measure by the Japanese government to prevent them from being hunted.


Victoria Crowned-pigeon

This pretty bird is a native to West Papua (Indonesia). It is listed as near-threatened after excessive hunting for their meats and declining habitat due to what is called by humans: development.

Victoria Crowned-pigeon


Beaver – North American

It is a common animal in Minnesota and according to the zoo, Minnesota has more beavers than miles of river! And they were so active in the zoo.


Red Panda

From Himalaya to Minnesota, this Red Panda seemed bored. The cutest picture I took in the zoo 🙂

Red Panda


White-cheeked Gibbon

The gibbon is listed as critically endangered due to losing habitat in Laos and Vietnam and as well poaching. The zoo has secured several gibbons, although I only managed to see one of them.


Amur Leopard

It was reported that there was only 50 Amur leopard left in the wild. This leopard lost its habitat in Russia and their lives were threatened by the poachers.

Amur Leopard


Minnesota Zoo has a long-term commitment to animal conservation in Minnesota and internationally. Their awards and honors include International Conservation Awards in Indonesia to save the tigers in their habitat. More about Minnesota Zoo and their conservation efforts, please visit Minnesota Zoo Conservation.


  1. I’m not much of a zoo person either. Hated them when I was younger. But now that I’m older I appreciate them a lot more. The Washington DC Zoo is on my bucket list,so I’ve got to see that, God willing . The animals are beautiful and look very well cared for. Thanks for sharing this with us.

    • Thank you so much! I think most of the zoos in the United States do care about their animals and committed to the conservation of animals in the wildlife. I hope they keep it that way, it’s great way to pay it forward 🙂

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