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Lively Mural in San Ignacio (Belize)

You can’t overlook these lively and impressive murals when wandering around in San Ignacio’s town center!

A Painted Conversation was the first mural(s) I saw in San Ignacio. It was a community mural, designed and painted by 175 residents and Art education doctoral candidate Natalia Pilato. The mural was dedicated for Meridith Sanz, a midwife who delivered more than 1,000 babies in San Ignacio. More story about the mural can be read here: Art education graduate student takes community mural efforts to Belize.

Funny enough, Welcome to Belize mural was found on our second day in San Ignacio..

Across to the welcoming mural, there was a beautiful mural of the Mayan’s snake deity, Kukulkan. This is my favorite mural in San Ignacio, I just love the vibrant of the painting.

Then I noticed even a bank has its wall get painted beautifully showing the nature and the pride of Belize as the Land of the Gods.

And of course, it would not complete without a mural of the National Bird of Belize: The Keel Billed Toucan.

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