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Madurodam: The Netherlands in Mini-World

Madurodam is an option for you to see the Netherlands in less than half day. It is a miniature park that holds of model replicas of famous Dutch landmarks, historical cities, and large developments that available in the Netherlands. They are tiny and cute. I love the details of each replica and the attention to its detail is astounding!

This open air park is not only fun for the children but as well for adults and travelers who love photography. The park runs using solar panels to promote green tourism and renewable energy. Additionally, Madurodam’s profit shared to support development projects for the youths and children. Visting Madurodam is not only supporting tourist attraction that promotes renewable energy but also a good cause.

Peace Palace in the Hague

Peace Palace in the Hague (Replica in Madurodam)

Madurodam is located in the Hague (Den Haag), 60 km from Amsterdam. It is easy to reach by public transport, by train from Amsterdam to the Hague for less than one hour. And of course, there are more tourist attractions in the Hague besides Madurodam to visit. That’s for the future posts! 😉

More information on Madurodam: Madurodam Official Website



  1. admiration & respect for all those who have created Madurodam… been to the NL several times, and we also visited it a few years ago, and loved it, of course… 🙂

    • The buildings were well made in details..they are actually triggered me to see the original ones. If only we have lots time to travel 🙂 Thank you, Melanie!

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