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Best Restaurants in San Pedro and around Ambergris Caye (Belize)

Dutchie and I love to taste local’s cuisine and eat at the local restaurants when traveling. Sometimes we splurge, sometimes we eat where the locals eat. Following is my list of restaurants that I recommend to visit when in Ambergris Caye (Belize). We ate at more than 15 different restaurants around the Caye during our ten days stay and only seven of them that I find deserved to be on this list. Almost all restaurants in Ambergris Caye has their price in Belizean dollar. The following list is in alphabetical order.


Blue Water Grill

Blue Water Grill, San Pedro

Blue Water Grill, San Pedro

Beachfront bar and restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is attached to resort SunBreeze. Blue Water Grill is a popular restaurant in San Pedro thus expect crowds, and it is better to make a reservation for dinner, especially on Tuesday night because it will be Sushi Tuesday night! Their sushi is legendary on the island; we missed it on our first week because we thought we could just walk in. Dutchie and I underestimated its popularity. We learned our mistake; then reservation was made on the second week of our stay.


We ate couple times in this restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Occasionally we had drinks at their bar. The staff were friendly. My favorite is their dinner menu. The restaurant has Indonesian menu called Indonesian style noodle with peanut sauce. It reminds me of Indonesian’s dish Mie Tek Tek with peanut sauce.  It was tasty! The pizza came on a small platter and perfected for one person meal. And the Key Lime Pie dessert in this restaurant was delicious!

Do try their Sushi Tuesday night. Dutchie and I do not eat tuna and salmon, thus sushi menu could be tricky for us, but luckily Blue Water Grill has sushi menu without tuna and salmon.

Location: Beach area of Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro. Parking space for golf carts is available.

Elvi’s Kitchen
$$ to $$$

Elvi's Kitchen, San Pedro

Elvi’s Kitchen, San Pedro

Do not expect for beach scenery when dining in this restaurant, it is located in the center of San Pedro. The restaurant has existed for almost 40 years. The owner, Elvia Staines, is a native San Pedro and she makes chili sauce in the bottle for sale – which is delicious and spicy! I do like the restaurant’s decor, the walls covered with colorful paintings and the paintings are for sale too.

Dutchie and I ordered the meals for sharing and our table host was kindly recommending the menu that perfects for us to share. We tried the stuffed jalapenos, which was bit spicy but when you mixed it with the mango sauce, the mixture came out perfectly.

The fry jacks were freshly made and savory. Fry jacks are Belizean traditional dish, deep fried dough pieces and they have pockets where you can fill in with meat, vegetables, jam or cheese. We had key lime pie as dessert which was nice.

Location: Pescador Drive in the town center of San Pedro.


Mambo Restaurant

Mambo Restaurant (Matachica Resort)

Mambo Restaurant (Matachica Resort)

We found the restaurant when we were driving around with a golf cart. I was impressed by its interior design. It is no surprises; the restaurant is part of an upscale resort, Matachica Beach Resort. Mambo Restaurant is the most expensive restaurant in Ambergris Caye that we visited when in Ambergris Caye. The price is in US Dollars instead of Belize Dollars and not cheap! It has an oceanfront lounge with great ambiance, a perfect place for relaxing with your cocktails. I ordered a virgin strawberry daiquiri with luscious taste and tasty fajita. The location is quite far from San Pedro where we stayed. You need a golf cart to get there or take a taxi from San Pedro, and the restaurant also offers guest picks-up from the hotel.

The location is about five miles from San Pedro, where we stayed. You need a golf cart to get there or take a taxi from San Pedro, and the restaurant also offers guest pick-up from the hotel.

Location: Matachica Beach Resort, North part of Ambergris Caye

Neri’s Tacos

Ambergris Caye - Belize

Ambergris Caye – Belize

We had our breakfast at Neri’s Taco before our daily scuba diving activity. Our scuba diving schedule was very early, and Neri’s Taco opens earlier than our scuba schedule. Even earlier than our hotel’s restaurant. It was convenient, and the food was delicious! We ate at Neri’s Tacos almost every day during our stay in Ambergris Caye.

In a week time, we have tried most of their menu; my fave is chicken fry jack. Their taco and empanadas were delicious too. Dutchie’s favorite is a chicken burrito. Neri’s Taco is more like a small food stall but in a permanent location. It is popular eating place by the locals. You order, get your food, eat and leave. The food is not expensive, and Neri’s Taco is a must try out when you are in Ambergris Caye.

Location: Near to Airport, just a block away (no street name, unfortunately!)

Nook Restaurant & Cocktail Bartique

Waterfront location with patio facing the sea. The restaurant has great flavorful options of food as in its menu and also creative cocktail list. I tried the cocktail – Doggie Howser, gosh, it was strong! The house treated us the Blue Hole shots, and this becomes my new favorite drink for the night. I only had one shot, though.  The food was good too. Overall, it was a place with cool vibes, funky decor, creative drinks and delicious meals.

An additional plus: our waiter was very attentive and helpful. I forgot my bag and left it at the restaurant after the dinner. He took care of my bag and return it to me. Five stars for him!

Location: Beach area  in front of Amigos Del Mar Dive Center and Coastal Express Water Taxi

Pupuseria Salvadoreno

The restaurant’s decor is simple and nothing lavish, which something that I like. I ordered coconut rice with grilled chicken and love it for its authentic taste, and more importantly: it was freshly made. The Salvadoran chili sauce on the table is also spicy but you will not miss the taste of the food after combining it with your meal. We tried their pupusas on the next visit and they were as good as the previous meal we had.  Friendly service, although not as fast as other restaurants in San Pedro but for the quality of their food and price, I would not mind the wait.

Location: Pescador Drive, Town Center of San Pedro

Wild Mango’s

I like this restaurant a lot. Casual decor with friendly service. The staff mixed up our bill on our first visit, apologize and offered us with free drinks. The location is beachfront with small patio facing to the sea. Dutchie and I ate here multiple times and we agree the restaurant offers “delicious fresh food with wonderful sea view”. The portion is quite generous and better be hungry when eating in Wild Mango’s. I recommend trying their salad tostadas, chicken burrito, coconut shrimp, the cocktails and fruit made dessert.

Location: Beachfront, Barrier Reef Drive, San Pedro


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