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Fall Season in Loring Park – Minneapolis

Fall Season

Time goes by so fast, and it’s already my tenth month living in Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA). It’s been a pleasant stay so far, although I find it is challenging to start a career here. It’s never been easy when you are not a local. However, regardless the not-so-promising-career, there is a place in Minneapolis where I find a sanctuary for the peace of mind; Loring Park. It is the place where I feel attached most to the city. A park that is for everyone; the young ones to the elderly, the joggers to the dog walkers, the sporty ones to those who just want to relax. Loring Park has a public swimming pool, a tennis court, basketball court, barbecue area, a dog’s park and plenty trees to hang a hammock.

I have been visiting the park in all seasons of the year, and by far the fall season in Loring Park is my favorite one. These pictures as below explained my reason. I could not resist to these amazing colors at the park!

Sometimes the permanent residents of the Loring Park would greet you, especially if you were kind enough to bring their favorite treats (not recommended by the park authority though 😉 ).

There were more residents that caught my attention, but they were too shy to pose in front of my camera…

And of course, this little guy, my faithful companion when exploring the park. He loved the fragrance of the falling leaves and kept rolling around on top of them. These images were lucky shots when he was behaving 😉

Do you have a place in your town that you feel attached to?

More information on Loring Park, please visit: Loring Park – Minneapolis



  1. la natura con il suo splendore e con i suoi piccoli grandi amici ci fa respirare aria di libertà e di amore, grazie per queste splendide immagini
    serena giornata

  2. geweldige mooie foto’s van een prachtig seizoen. Ik geniet er ook elke dag van helaas niet in zo’n mooi park als jullie hebben.De kleuren worden elke dag mooier.. Ik vind het heerlijk om lekker te lopen door de afgevallen bladeren en ze horen te ritselen. En voor mij extra mooie foto’s omdat ik ook Dante op de foto’s zie. Hij krijgt een grijs neusje. :))

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