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Five Facts about the Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins

Tulum Ruins

No, I will not recall the ruins just that Mexican thing. Tulum Ruins (Tulum, Mexico) are unique, an interesting and intriguing place to visit. In fact, it is the most visited archeological site in Mexico after Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza.

It was busy with tourists, almost impossible to take pictures of the ruins without people on the pictures. However, I assure you, regardless the crowds of people around the ruins, the ruins itself can spark one’s imagination. And the amazing ocean view. t was multi-million dollars location! Here few insights of the ruins to know.

It was multi-million dollars location! Here few insights of the ruins to know…


1.Tulum was also known as Zama, which meant dawn. It was a Mayan settlement located on top of the cliff with fantastic view to the Caribbean Sea, it also had a seaport with visitors coming from the Pacific, Gulf and other parts of Central America.

2. It was surrounded by huge walls as their protection with having just five entrances. However, it was assumed that only the governors and priests lived within the walled city while most people lived outside the walls.

3. The Temple of Descending God was a special one. The name came from the carving of the temple that shows an upside-down male figure. Some considered the carving symbol of upside-down male to feature a bee, perhaps the God of the bees. Assuming that the Mayans were aware of the importance of the bees, then most likely the Temple was built especially to honor the bees.

4. The tallest building next to the Temple called as the Castillo. Some referred it as the lighthouse during the Mayan settlement era, while others considered it as the city landmark for the sailors.

5. Lastly, after exploring the ruins in the typical Mexican sunny day, you should not miss the beach nearby to the Tulum Ruins. The beach was stunning with white sandy beach. Nothing beats than end a cultural day activity by relaxing at a beautiful beach and swimming on crystal clear seawater. I bet the Ancient Mayans had predicted that 🙂


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