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Cancun Beach Pictures

Cancún has one of finest beaches I have ever seen. It is a picturesque beach that you feel like spending your whole day being lazy on the beach. My images here do not do justice; the beach was even more beautiful in reality. And clean!

The word Cancún in Mayan means the snake pit. (source)

Cancun Beach Pictures

Located in the Cancún hotel zone, the beach strip takes 22 km (14 miles) surrounded by hotels.

Cancun Beach Pictures

Cancún generates over 1/3 of Mexico’s tourism revenue. (source)

Cancun Beach Pictures

The water is pretty much crystal clear for swimming.

Cancun Beach Pictures

You don’t have to stay in beachfront All-Inclusive Resorts or Hotels to enjoy Cancún Beach. 

I did not stay at beachfront resorts when visiting Cancún. The beaches are for public and you can always rent seats or tents at the beach clubs if you wish.

Cancun Beach Pictures



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