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Tulum: After the Hurricane Earl

After our dive in the Cenotes Dos Ojos (Tulum, Mexico) yesterday, our dive center decided to cancel our diving on the next day due to the hurricane’s warning. The hurricane came from the Caribbean region, passing through Belize, our next destination, and Mexico. This would be our third holiday to experience stormy and hurricane day(s). The first storm we had during our holiday was in Goa (India) and the second one was in Moalboal (the Philippines). To be honest, so far, we did not regret our travel experiences with bad weather. Last night we had heavy rains with strong winds for the whole evening, but the restaurants and shops were still open regardless the warning and the weather condition.

This morning started with warm weather, bit of clouds and winds. No severe damage in the center of Tulum, thankfully. Just low level of flooding on the street and life continued as usual. Since we had no cenotes diving scheduled, we decided to visit the Tulum’s ruins that located next to the beach. I thought it would be less crowds after the hurricane, but there was still huge number of visitors came over to the ruins. There were too many visitors that I could not take pictures of the ruins without tourists included in the images. Please allow me to show an image of the animal who was patiently laying next to the ruin instead…

Iguana at Tulum’s Ruins

We continued spending our day on the beach next to the Tulum’s ruin. The beach was amazingly beautiful – white sandy beach, with crystal clear seawater. What I can conclude here, Tulum after the hurricane is not bad at all and hopefully, we can dive Mexican cenotes again on the next day!



  1. That cenote looks beautiful and mysterious — especially from that angle. Glad you’re safe, Indah. Hopefully the weather improves so you can make the most of your remaining time in Mexico.

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